Customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we try to answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers, namely:

Promotional codes, how do I get this?

General promotional codes: KidsFinest frequently has promotions that are announced on the website, newsletter or via Social Media. During these promotions for example, you get a 10% discount by completing an promotional code. This kind of promotional codes are valid for a certain period and can be used several times.

Personal promotional codes: KidsFinest also sends personal promotional codes. A personal promotional code gives you a certain amount discount on your order. This promotion code is valid for a certain period and can be used once.

Promotional codes, how can I redeem it?

If you have a promotional code, you can redeem them at checkout in "Step 1. Shopping cart". You can redeem only one promotional code per order. An promotional code is not redeemable for cash.

Can I only order with an account?

No, you can also order without an account. However, an account has many advantages, such as being able to shop faster, manage multiple delivery addresses, inspection of your order history and digital printing of invoices.